Therapy Types

Intercultural Therapy

Therapy that assesses, understands, and evaluates a client’s behaviour in an array of cultural contexts such as sexual orientation, ability and disability, and social class and socioeconomic status; the potential cultural bias (e.g., racism, sexism) in which that behaviour was learned and is displ..Read more

Rational emotive Therapy

  • The therapist will assist you with changing your irrational beliefs to more rational beliefs to improve your wellbeing
..Read more

Behavioural therapy

Behavioral therapy is a focused, action-oriented approach to mental health treatment...Read more

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)

To help you explore and change how you think about your life, and free yourself from unhelpful patterns of behaviour...Read more

Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)

CAT looks at your past experiences and relationships to understand why you think, feel and act as you do. It relies on forming a trusting relationship with your therapist, who will help you make sense of your situation and find new, healthier ways to cope with your problems. CAT is a time-limited th..Read more

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

This therapy promotes acceptance and emotional regulation. It helps to deal with emotional or challenging situations when they arise...Read more

Psychoanalytical and psychodynamic

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This is Sigmund Freud analysis, he believed that psychological problems are rooted in the unconscious mind. Experiences from a person’s past can influence thoughts, emotions and behaviour in later life. ..Read more

Jungian therapy

Also called analytical psychology, this is a psychoanalytic approach developed by Carl Jung. It aims to bring the conscious and unconscious into balance to help individuals become more balanced and whole. It looks at both the personal unconscious and the collective human unconscious and can involve ..Read more

Humanistic therapies

This approaches focuses everyone individual uniqueness. It focuses on helping the client to reach their own optimal state of growth emotionally and psychologically for their personal fulfilment...Read more

Person-centred therapy

The therapist will offer acceptance, empathy, and guidance as you work on personal growth and positive change..Read more

Gestalt therapy

This approach focuses on the present. Using scenarios to deal with unresolved issues. The aim is to understand how these issues affect your wellbeing...Read more

Transactional Therapy

Is based on the idea that one's behaviour and social relationships reflect an interchange between parental (critical and nurturing), adult (rational), and childlike (intuitive and dependent) aspects of personality established early in life. This is to help you understand how you interact with others..Read more

Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal Therapy Transpersonal therapy describes any form of counselling or therapy which places an emphasis on spirituality, human potential or heightened consciousness, including psychosynthesis...Read more

Psychodynamic Therapy

in psychodynamic therapy, you’ll work with a therapist to explore the connection between your unconscious mind and your actions. This involves examining your emotions, relationships, and thought patterns..Read more

Existential therapy

This approaches focuses on the your personal responsibilities and the decisions that you make. In this philosophical approach to treatment, you’ll consider concepts such as responsibility for your choices and your freedom to make choices. You might spend time talking about what certain parts of..Read more

Humanistic therapy

This approaches focuses everyone individual uniqueness. It focuses on helping the client to reach their own optimal state of growth emotionally and psychologically for their personal fulfilment...Read more

Integrative therapy

this approach focuses on the individual and tailors the sessions to accommodate their needs to manage their wellbeing. The aim is to build a trusting rapport and an non-judgmental space for the child to express themselves...Read more

Family therapy

This therapy focuses on what you would call your family. This can be your immediate household or extended family members as well. The focus is not on individuals but its looking at the relationships between one another. Its space for members to express themselves freely in a safe environment in orde..Read more


Helps those that have experience PTSD to reprocess the memories of the traumatic event to then let it go..Read more

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness-based therapies help you focus on your thoughts and feelings as they happen moment by moment. ..Read more

Drama therapy

This approach allows space to role play, tell their stories through drama. Through this experience the client can either relive or recreate new experiences that can help solve their own challenges...Read more

Interpersonal Therapy(IPT)

ITP helps people with depression identify and address problems in their relationships with family, partners and friends...Read more

Psychosynthesis Therapy

Also known as ‘psychology of the soul’, this approach seeks to bring together your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual attributes to encourage personal growth. Psychosynthesis is beneficial for those seeking a new and/ or more spiritually oriented vision for themselves...Read more

Play therapy

this uses play as a communication tool to help them express their feelings and deal with emotional problems. It can be used to diagnose the reasons for difficult behaviour, to allow children to work through their anxieties or as a relearning and desensitisation therapy...Read more

Dance therapy

the movement reflects a person's pattern of thinking and feeling.” The aim of this approach is therefore to use dance and movement to facilitate emotional, mental, spiritual and social growth...Read more

Solution-focused brief therapy

This therapy focuses on identifying the solution to the challenges and set goals and to think positively. They will encourage you not to think about the past...Read more