About Us

Our Mission

Our Mission

Tea of Therapy Directory is part of an organization called Tea of Therapy. We support children and young people in schools via school counselling, workshops and our magazine collection. Our aim is to educate and manage children’s and young people’s mental health.

Our SAC process

We priorities 3 things: SAFETY. AWARENESS. CONNECTION

Wherever therapeutic sessions take place the children need to feel comfortable and safe. Creating that safe space will allow the child the freedom to express themselves without judgment. We encourage parents and carers to show them who they have chosen to be their therapist/ counsellor prior to sessions as the child will know who to expect and gain a sense of good energy.

All sessions are confidential, we do follow the BACP Ethical guidelines. Parents and carers will be notified if the therapist believes that the child could be in danger or harm. The counsellor would then alert the appropriate authorities.

We want to create an environment where children, young people and parents are aware of mental health. We want to ensure that it’s something they understand.
Mental health is consists of our psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. It’s about taking time out to reflect on how we think, feel and behave. Our mental health can affect our day-to-day activities, building relationships and physical health.

It is important that we check in with our mental health regularly.

Finally! Connecting with one’s emotions is very important. Understanding the emotions we feel and think about will help us to understand ourselves but also to manage the emotion so it doesn’t cause overwhelm. Our therapists and counsellors are here to support your children/ young people to overcome challenges they may face.

Our Mission

Our Founder

Our founder, Nicole Henry, created this platform so that parents and carers had one location to find support for their children.

“From my experience with working with parents to find a child counsellor has been a challenge. I created this platform so that they can see there is a network of counsellor/ therapist that love to work with children. Similarly throughout my career I have connected with many counsellors and therapist that have the same ethos and values to myself, which then again motivated me to create this platform.

Working with children and young people in this capacity has been life changing for me. Its career path that I have taken and have grown immensely. I have met many amazing children a long the way and I would to personally thank the parents/carers, but especially the children for making this this journey such a joyful thing to be a part of. From where we start to where it ends is amazing! I will continue to do it over and over again to see their faces smile and be confident in who they are.

To every child that comes through this platform I wish you nothing but joy, peace and love. Thank you parents and carers also.”